Hey, I’m Shine Dichaine a foodie, wifey, lush baby girl that loves to relax and be taken care of. My specialty is all things content that helps your health business gain visibility online and inspire the trust of your target audience.

Health content creation is what I live for because I am passionate about simplifying health messages for the general public. My career as a health care provider, public health advocate, healthcare business marketer and health business owner gives me the insight of exactly what your client’s need.

I have helped various health professionals and businesses stay top of mind by engaging and building their communities, providing value, building authority and creating brand awareness.

I exist to help you focus on the major parts of running your business by relieving you of the stress of thinking of what to post, staying up to date with industry trends and being active on your blog and socials.

Do you think your business helps people live better and healthier lives? Are you passionate about making sure people get the best health care? Let us work together to get you seen and heard.